Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First post for 2009!

Howdy All!!!
Tis a new year and I already have MANYprojects 'on the go'.
The pinstriping decalling on the B class had come off (unsure as to why) and Paul has kindly taken in on board to fix this. He says he uses a product called "DecalSet" (unsure of spelling) to 'melt' the decal and to assist it to set. I also attempted to paint the VR 'Gold' onto the nose of the B class however didnt realise I was using the wrong type of paint!! This resulted in a thick, 'gluggy' application that looked horrible!!! I then tried removing this paint, unfortunantly removed the airbrushed blue and undercoat leaving the raw mould exposed. Paul has also offered to repair this with the proper paint. I dont look at this as a mistake, however use this opportunity to learn about a method that works a lot better.
I will be purchasing some of this "DecalSet" as soon as possible and will post up pictures to help those who take a similar modelling path as me.

Paul has been making a lot of progress with his Y Class etch purchased from Aust N Rail ( Posted below are pictures of Pre and Post paint and now with added weathering. Paul has modelled his Y Class on those that were used mostly during shunting and branchline uses and were rarely on the recieving end of a cleaning brush! The end result is as seen below:

Cleaning the brass model immediately prior to hitting it with paint from the airbrush.

**Click on images to enlarge**
Nice and clean compared to the Series 3 T class in the background.

Now thats dirty! The tanks are the only thing remaining thats needs 'dirtying up'!

I have made progress with the plans for the "Great Southern Railway" layout for my 6x6metre shed. I will scan the plans and upload them tomorrow. Until then.....happy modelling

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