Sunday, January 25, 2009

Updated Shed Layout

After posting my plans for my layout on the Railpage Australia forums ( I recieved many great ideas from the users online. One idea I had never thought of was putting a staging yard on the layout. I have altered the design to include a staging yard on the 'flap' module. This module will be hinged and can lift up to enable access for those who are unable to 'duck under' the module. I have moved KooWeeRup to the left slightly to give some distance from the staging yard to the station. The staging yard can also simulate Cranbourne or Yarram if you want to run one way however you can also just run trains around and around the entire layout.

My cousin should be out soon to look at the shed so hopefully it will be sealed soon. Plaster once this is done then benchwork. Good fun!!!

Happy Australia Day an Happy Modelling!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Outside of my layout shed

Here are some pictures of the layout shed from the outside. It requires some work to seal it up properly and it needs insulation and plaster. I also will be sealing up the two large doors. They will retain the same appearance from the outside though. As soon as thats done I will start on the benchwork.

The open area to the right I hope to convert to a lounge where modellers can sit and chat in between modelling sessions. The car under the cover is my 1954 MG Magnette. That restoration is in my to do later basket!! TRAINS first!!!

Take care and Happy Modelling
PS. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Southern Railway

Here are the designs for my layout. I am basing it on the South Gippsland Railway formally known as the Great Southern Railway. I wanted to incorporate as many iconic features as possible however am limited by my 6x6metre shed. I would like to model to railway when it was at its peak, during the 40s to 60s. I brainstormed what I would like to include on the layout and my list included:
- Nyora station and yard
- Korumburra station and yard
- Foster station and yard
- Koala (Australian Glass Manufacturers - AGM) siding and the national forrest nearby
- Wonthaggi branchline incorporating as much of the State Mine coal sidings as possible
- Swamp plains around Koo Wee Rup and a station if possible
- Rolling hills around Bena - Bena Bank
- Kilcunda, KooWeeRup, Agnes and Tarwin Trestle bridges
- Barry Beach branchline and marine treminal facility.
- Disused branch line of some sort. Either Strezleki line from KooWeeRup or Outrim from Korumburra

Below is the original sketch I did incorporating all of the above. Happy with the bench work and rough idea of the layout I then proceeded to transfer the design to digital format.

Here is the benchwork how I wanted it. I have placed timber on the floor in my shed to the dimensions below and am very happy with it. I then put the trackwork in and did a bit of 'cutting'! Koala siding, Foster Station (right side) and tarwin river trestle got the flick opening the railway up for longer running between stations. KooWeeRup trestle got swapped for Lang Lang trestle.
Below I have added pictures outlining the various ares of the layout, for those who are not familiar with the area.
I now need to get the room sealed, insulated and plastered. I will keep you updated on the progress.
Take care and Happy Modelling

Gday All!!
Just a quick post to upload some pictures of Pauls completed Y class with the final touches made to the underneath tanks.

Here are some pictures of Pauls current projects. This one being a Series 1 "Flat-Top" T Class. Number TBA.

This one being a K Class. Number also TBA.

I will fire up the scanner and post up the diagram for the Great Southern Railway. Ill do that in a separate post. I have also started a revised edition in Adobe Photoshop CS2 showing accurate bench measurements and updated details.
Cheers and Happy Modelling!.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First post for 2009!

Howdy All!!!
Tis a new year and I already have MANYprojects 'on the go'.
The pinstriping decalling on the B class had come off (unsure as to why) and Paul has kindly taken in on board to fix this. He says he uses a product called "DecalSet" (unsure of spelling) to 'melt' the decal and to assist it to set. I also attempted to paint the VR 'Gold' onto the nose of the B class however didnt realise I was using the wrong type of paint!! This resulted in a thick, 'gluggy' application that looked horrible!!! I then tried removing this paint, unfortunantly removed the airbrushed blue and undercoat leaving the raw mould exposed. Paul has also offered to repair this with the proper paint. I dont look at this as a mistake, however use this opportunity to learn about a method that works a lot better.
I will be purchasing some of this "DecalSet" as soon as possible and will post up pictures to help those who take a similar modelling path as me.

Paul has been making a lot of progress with his Y Class etch purchased from Aust N Rail ( Posted below are pictures of Pre and Post paint and now with added weathering. Paul has modelled his Y Class on those that were used mostly during shunting and branchline uses and were rarely on the recieving end of a cleaning brush! The end result is as seen below:

Cleaning the brass model immediately prior to hitting it with paint from the airbrush.

**Click on images to enlarge**
Nice and clean compared to the Series 3 T class in the background.

Now thats dirty! The tanks are the only thing remaining thats needs 'dirtying up'!

I have made progress with the plans for the "Great Southern Railway" layout for my 6x6metre shed. I will scan the plans and upload them tomorrow. Until then.....happy modelling