Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Southern Railway

Here are the designs for my layout. I am basing it on the South Gippsland Railway formally known as the Great Southern Railway. I wanted to incorporate as many iconic features as possible however am limited by my 6x6metre shed. I would like to model to railway when it was at its peak, during the 40s to 60s. I brainstormed what I would like to include on the layout and my list included:
- Nyora station and yard
- Korumburra station and yard
- Foster station and yard
- Koala (Australian Glass Manufacturers - AGM) siding and the national forrest nearby
- Wonthaggi branchline incorporating as much of the State Mine coal sidings as possible
- Swamp plains around Koo Wee Rup and a station if possible
- Rolling hills around Bena - Bena Bank
- Kilcunda, KooWeeRup, Agnes and Tarwin Trestle bridges
- Barry Beach branchline and marine treminal facility.
- Disused branch line of some sort. Either Strezleki line from KooWeeRup or Outrim from Korumburra

Below is the original sketch I did incorporating all of the above. Happy with the bench work and rough idea of the layout I then proceeded to transfer the design to digital format.

Here is the benchwork how I wanted it. I have placed timber on the floor in my shed to the dimensions below and am very happy with it. I then put the trackwork in and did a bit of 'cutting'! Koala siding, Foster Station (right side) and tarwin river trestle got the flick opening the railway up for longer running between stations. KooWeeRup trestle got swapped for Lang Lang trestle.
Below I have added pictures outlining the various ares of the layout, for those who are not familiar with the area.
I now need to get the room sealed, insulated and plastered. I will keep you updated on the progress.
Take care and Happy Modelling

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