Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting there.....playing time first!

Hello!!! I have started decalling the B class. Jeeeez it was a bit more difficult that I thought!! The decals I had didnt quite match the shape of the body thus making it difficult to shape them to prototype. I managed to do my best. I started to do the pinstriping until I got a headache from all the eye straining!!!! I gave up and packed up the B class for testing at our local model railway club. Here are some pics to keep you all happy :-).

DERM by Joe with my lovely rolling stock posing in the background
B64 with some of the decalling completed. A coat of matt should reduce the glare by the decals. Plus some heavy weathering should make this loco look very realistic.

B64 and Pauls explosive van and M cattle wagons.

DERM by Joe im envious. This was once a Bachmann Doodlebug that was heavily kitbashed into what you see here. I have a Doodlebug and aim to to exactly this............well that project is in my 'to do later' box :-) !!!!

Mighty fine front end!!! Have to put in windows, wipers, handles and some minor paint on the nose and roof to match the prototype.
I will post up more pics of progress after Christmas.

Have a Merry and safe Christmas .


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