Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting there.....playing time first!

Hello!!! I have started decalling the B class. Jeeeez it was a bit more difficult that I thought!! The decals I had didnt quite match the shape of the body thus making it difficult to shape them to prototype. I managed to do my best. I started to do the pinstriping until I got a headache from all the eye straining!!!! I gave up and packed up the B class for testing at our local model railway club. Here are some pics to keep you all happy :-).

DERM by Joe with my lovely rolling stock posing in the background
B64 with some of the decalling completed. A coat of matt should reduce the glare by the decals. Plus some heavy weathering should make this loco look very realistic.

B64 and Pauls explosive van and M cattle wagons.

DERM by Joe im envious. This was once a Bachmann Doodlebug that was heavily kitbashed into what you see here. I have a Doodlebug and aim to to exactly this............well that project is in my 'to do later' box :-) !!!!

Mighty fine front end!!! Have to put in windows, wipers, handles and some minor paint on the nose and roof to match the prototype.
I will post up more pics of progress after Christmas.

Have a Merry and safe Christmas .


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pushing forward with B Class

As mentioned in the title, this post is about moving forward towards the completion of one of my B class diesels.
I remember when I was young I lived not far from Traralgon station. I used to beg my parents to take me for a walk to watch the trains. My memories were mostly of V/Line orange B and T classes with the occasional railmotor for an exciting change! I loved the shape of the B classes with its bulldog noses. When I started looking into the railways of Victoria I found the old Victorian Railways livery very appealing, so I knew that when I got into N scale modelling a VR B would be a must. After purchasing two of Peter Boormans B class kits I started the long process of detailing the first locomotive. Adding bits and pieces here and there it took around a year and a half to get it to the point of painting it. That was last night. Now painted (thanks to the help of Paul) the next step is to add paint to the details and add decals.


The handles on the front are too long so have been removed and will be altered when the decals get pleced on.
This picture showing the automatic staff exchanger i mage out of a tiny piece of brass etch.


These ones showing the lift rings that were painstakingly placed on the roof.

Ill post some pics once the decalling is done.

Happy modelling!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bit of Background

Gday everyone. I thought that since I have created a T gauge blog, and dont have any actual T gauge yet, I might start a N scale blog outlining all my N scale adventures.

History bout me!
I am a huge fan of the former Victorian Railways which operated railways from the turn of the 20th century right through to the late 1970s. I love the rolling stock, locomotives, infrastructure and the scenery from rolling plains to grassy flats, dense forrest and coastal views......basically everything that added to the charm of the old VR. I personally never experienced this first hand, however try to expose myself to much of what is left.

I first ventured into modelling at a young age building static model cars, my favourite being 'movie cars' (Herbie, Ghostbusters, MadMax Interceptor etc). Building up quite a collection I started to find myself not enjoying building models as much as I had used to. Simply building stating models and watching them gather dust on the shelf didnt seem to be enough. I wanted more!!

I had always liked trains but never thought of venturing into model railways. I was in a model store in Melbourne and noticed the vast selection of model railway kits and accessories and from then I was hooked. This relit my passion for the railways and modelling. I first ventured into HO modelling with my first set consisting of a moderate loop of track, transformer, scenery and an American locomotive and rolling stock. This kept me amused for a while until I moved into the Australian prototype market. It wasnt long before I had collected a small selection of assorted locomotives and rolling stock. I had purchased all of the HO 'LJ Models' card buildings and had built most of them when I met Paul Blake.
I had known Paul on and off for a few years through his love of his LE Monaro ( Talking to Paul on one occasion a few years ago I mentioned I was into trains and modelling. Well did his eyes light up!! He mentioned he had too been into Victorian modelling however in N scale. It was when Paul showed me some of his collection I think my eyes lit up!! From there I sold all my HO models and accessories (apart form my Victorian Locos and rollingstock) and have been modelling in N scale ever since.

This blog will be dedicated to projects on the go and rolling stock I have completed. Currently I have an assortment of Victorian rolling stock however much of it in not complete. So this is a good time to 'tune in' as I undertake the task of completing it all.