Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photos from VNSC meeting 13/2/10.

Gday All!!!

Here is a quick post with some pictures from our most recent club meeting of the Victorian N Scale Collective (VNSC) held at a members home. The following pictures are taken on his amazing personal layout and the clubs modular exhibition layout.

Third series T400 powers underneath a road trestle.

Flat-top T337 creeps over this long trestle hauling a load of empty M wagons (Spirit Design kit built by Paul).

K class (awaiting numberboards) with a passenger train. Notice the attention to detail that Paul has put into this BadgerBits kit.

Double-header K classes pulling a long passenger service over a truely VR scene. Mmmm!!!

Y130 sits in front of a 30ft Goods Shed (Spirit Design kit). Notice the extra detail that has gone into creating this scene.

Unnumbered K Class cruising over this low steel bridge.

Um....... WOW!!!

View along the line through this scratch built bridge towards a station yard.

Spirit Design 30ft Goods Shed kit. Another VR scene.

T355 is a blur as it passes this level crossing hauling a mixed freight.

Enjoy and Happy Modelling!!


  1. What a great blog.

    I hope you don't mind me linking to it from my website. Please let me know otherwise.

  2. what company produced that k class?

  3. Very nice modeling. I especially like the weathering on the locomotives. I live in California and Canada now, but I grew up in Geelong and I used to see T's and Y's all the time at North Geelong. Great to see them in model form.